Test online

Test online

Sprawdź się i wypełnij test. Nie przygotowuj się do testu. Test ma charakter wewnętrzny i ma sprawdzić aktualną wiedzę. Prosimy
o samodzielne wypełnienie testu, gdyż jego wynik umożliwi nam dobór optymalnej grupy.



    Proszę określić, czy zdania są prawdziwe, czy fałszywe, zaznaczając odpowiedni kwadrat ”true” (prawdziwe) lub ”false” (fałszywe).
    Każda prawidłowa odpowiedź to 1 punkt, nieprawidłowa to -1punkt, a brak odpowiedzi to 0 punktów.

    1. Berlin is a small country.

    2. There are seven letters in the word 'radio'.

    3. The opposite of 'first' is 'last'.

    4. We eat breakfast in the evening.

    5. A mouse is a big animal.

    6. Knives and forks are made of metal.

    7. People are happy when they sleep badly.

    8. It's necessary to pay when we buy something in a shop.

    9. It's easy to drive on a foggy day.

    10. A horse is stronger than an elephant.

    11. Diet and exercise are important if you want to be healthy.

    12. We wouldn't be in danger if this building were in flames.

    13. People can change the laws of nature.

    14. Kind people have a lot of enemies.

    15. When you want to buy something, it's good to compare different products before choosing one.

    16. 'Sidewalk' and 'pavement' both mean the same thing.

    17. A flatmate is a person who works with us in the same corporation.

    18. A commuter is a person who travels long distances to work every day.

    19. Some people are superstitious about walking under a ladder.

    20. "I would have got injured if I had been with them in the car" means that I was injured in a car crash.

    21. You can book a hotel room if there are not vacant rooms.

    22. Your teeth will decay if you neglect to brush them.

    23. Greedy people are seldom satisfied with what they get.

    24. A person who remains unconscious after an accident shouldn't be moved.

    25. In some countries the law recognizes smacking a child as assault.

    26. A child's health is a common anxiety of a parent.

    27. We get rough winds in a mild climate.

    28. The opposite of 'tough' is 'tender'.

    29. The stroke of lightning comes before the thunder.

    30. Light bulbs often need replacement.


    Proszę wybrać prawidłową odpowiedź. Każda prawidłowa odpowiedź to 1 punkt, nieprawidłowa lub brak odpowiedzi to 0 punktów.

    31. Am I … the window

    32. … you have a red box?

    33. … like your town?

    34. Are there … students in the classroom?

    35. I can … somebody in the corridor.

    36. A train is … than a car.

    37. … you at school yesterday?

    38. When … World War Two start?

    39. I will cook soup if you … some meat and vegetables.

    40. I have … to New York twice.

    41. If you … me a thousand pounds, I would be happy

    42. She may … everything.

    43. You can't buy many things if you have too … money.

    44. My parents were … the flat on Saturday evening.

    45. Computers are … in most offices.

    46. It is worth making the … to learn a foreign language.

    47. Some people often try to … their problems instead of solving them.

    48. He was really … after having cycled uphill for 30 minutes.

    49. 'You mustn't put in here' He … me to put it there.

    50. The city officials want to reduce … by encouraging drivers to use the public transport.

    51. He cancelled the reservation at … notice and had to pay the whole amount.

    52. Susan has been … from work for spoiling their customers' satisfaction.

    53. They were refused … to the club as they were under age.

    54. It is high time Tom … something about his attitude towards other drivers.

    55. We will start looking for a new flat to rent as soon as we … the old one.

    56. According to the law, a person is assumed innocent until … guilty.

    57. Is 'acquire' the synonym of … ?

    58. The company sells furniture designed to be … at home.

    59. A first- … kit is an essential piece of equipment in a vehicle.

    60. They tried to stop their dog from … at the table.


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